On Saturday 2 February a group of about 30 people from art organizations, tech companies, and activist groups as well as individuals from the field of critical tech were invited to a workshop at Transmediale to develop a working covenant for a healthy and fair digital media environment signed by organizations, institutions and tech industry, the Digital Climate Agreement (DCA). It was the first in a series of meetings initiated by iMal and an attempt to create a unified course of action. The idea is to build alliances and collaborations across different interest groups and disciplines, bringing together what has until now been a wide range of critical practices, and to do this through highlighting and subscribing to commonly shared goals. It is an ambitious project to undertake, but the first meeting went very well and produced some interesting results we will use for the follow up sessions in Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam/The Hague. The DCA development project is experimental in its set up. Each event could be entirely different. In the first meeting we tried to have everybody participate rather than have a few voices dominate and leaving the rest of the room mostly passive.

Produced by iMal In collaboration with Transmediale.
An event curated by Yves Bernard and Josephine Bosma, with first contribution by Luce Goutelle.

Moderators of the unconference:

  • Cathleen Berger, Mozilla

  • Sarah Grant, Radical Networks

  • Dmytri Kleiner, Telekommunisten & Red Hat

  • Gaby Wijers, LIMA

  • Lieke Ploeger, Disruption Network Lab, Open Knowledge International

Themes of the unconference:

Report of the unconference (download) :