Berlin_Transmediale_02/2019 :

Cathleen Berger currently works with Mozilla where she is heading up their work on Global Governance, including representing Mozilla at fora such as the G20, the United Nations, or the World Economic Forum. She is also in charge of developing policy strategy for the Office of the Chair, identifying emerging trends around privacy and security, digital inclusion and literacy, openness and decentralisation in order to remain aware and ahead of global tech policy developments. This includes looking into and thinking through processes of global governance in a strategic, future-oriented manner in an effort to make them more inclusive and participatory.

Sarah Grant is an American media artist and educator based in Berlin. With a focus on radio and computer networking, she researches and develops open source software, artworks as educational tools, and workshops that demystify computer networking technology. She organizes the Radical Networks conference in New York and Berlin, a community event and arts festival for people doing critical investigations and creative experiments with computer networking.

Dmytri Kleiner is a software developer working on projects that investigate the political economy of the internet, and the ideal of workers’ self-organization of production as a form of class struggle. Born in the USSR, Dmytri grew up in Toronto and now lives in Berlin. He is a founder of the Telekommunisten Collective and the author of The Telekommunist Manifesto. Dmytri is also Senior Architect at Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.

LIMA is the international platform for sustainable access to media art in Amsterdam. Gaby Wijers is its director, formerly head of conservation and collection at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) which closed in 2012 (also Formerly known as Montevideo).

Lieke Ploeger is the community director of the Disruption Network Lab. She also serves as board member of the Disruption Network Lab e.V.. She is the co-founder of the independent project space SPEKTRUM art science community in Berlin, where she worked as community builder from 2014 to 2018. Her core interest lies in building and developing both online and offline communities of interest, with a focus on sharing knowledge and expertise in an open way. Next to the Disruption Network Lab, she works as communications officer for Open Knowledge International, a global non-profit organisation focused on realising open data’s value to society by helping civil society groups access and use data to take action on social problems.