Berlin, Transmediale, 02/02/2019


  • Digital Climate education in schools
  • Digital Climate education / create awareness of impact digital tech
  • The need for digital literacy / consciousness


  • CO2e label for the impact digital actions have on the climate
  • A GDPR for the environment: routing (infrastructure), content providers, consumer device manufacturers must declare their carbon footprint in transparent and public way, and make these data available as a file in an open format
  • Limit growth of consumption of both hardware and data (web pages for example are too heavy because of ads, videos and other fancy extensions to the content. This creates a lot of unnecessary data traffic and also the need for constant upgrades in software and hardware, leading to e-waste and more carbon emission)

DCA (think/act in alliance) :

  • Actively create diversity (representing all layers of society) within DCA organization


  • Commitment to repair : The right to tinker (repair and reflash)
  • The right to self host – the freedom to build your own infrastructure and store data where ever you want (one person’s addition: even in your own body)
  • Transparency of digital tech, to be able to locate accountability
  • Re-decentralization of the internet: the internet was originally decentralized but has become less so.
  • More unlicensed (electro-magnetic) spectrum