Berlin_Transmediale_02/2019 :

What are the urgent ecological issues around digital technologies and what possible strategies can we think of to tackle them?

Subquestions for Sustainable Digital Environments :

  • What does it take to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining the/a digital media network? (More innovative recycling techniques? Combining digital infrastructures and sustainable environment (eg datacenters and urban heating system), less media consumption)?
  • How do we move to a reduction of e-waste?
  • How do we get the rare minerals mining industry to act socially and ecologically responsible?
  • Who is responsible? Can we define levels of responsibility: who needs to do what?


Moderator :

Dmytri Kleiner

How do we decide which digital born cultural content we preserve (and which not) and who is responsible for its maintenance and accessibility?

Subquestions for Preservation of Digital Cultures :

  • Whose culture are we going to preserve?
  • Do big corporations (from gafa to software publishers) have a responsibility and if yes, how should they act?
  • What is the role of public authorities, what kind of regulations should governments set up? 
  • How to cultivate a new type of digital conservateurs and archivists?

Moderator :

Gaby Wijers

What kind of organizational structure would we need to get concrete results from DCA meetings, while allowing for different methodologies, and while maintaining transparent processes? 

subquestions for Thinking/Acting in Alliance :

  • In what way is your organization flexible and open to collaboration?
  • How to collaborate with people who have different opinions, positions and/or background?
  • What kind of governance would be best for an Alliance with a high diversity of participants? 
  • What collaborations in the field of digital tech can we possibly take as an example?

Moderator :

Lieke Ploeger

How do we design and control digital infrastructures in ways that serve the people?

Subquestions for Digital Infrastructures :

  • What are the main technopolitical issues in hardware and software development?
  • how to setup collaboration between non profit organisations and tech/corporate/commercial companies to build local or global infrastructures?
  • are P2P and other decentralised approaches the future, also for social networks?
  • what economically self supporting alternative infrastructures exist or could we create?

Moderator :

Sarah Grant

What are the basic needs for the creation and protection of social and cultural digital environments in which equality, diversity, democracy and cultural development is supported ?

Subquestions for Freedom of Speech :

  • How can we ensure a safe, non marginal space for vulnerable content (controversy in art, critical journalism/voices, visible nudity, gender diversity etc)
  • Should we build alternative social networks and/or push for more influence on the development of existing ones?
  • Do we need new forms of (civic?) education for digital media and social networks?
  • How to fight fake news and other forms of online aggression and manipulation?

Moderator :

Cathleen Berger

Cathleen Berger