Through a series of « unconference » type events we aim to bring together people from social, cultural and technological backgrounds to, in the end, reach an agreement on how to keep the digital environment open and healthy. The first meeting in the series will take place at Transmediale 2019, in Berlin. There, we want to define the core issues we face and possibly come up with the first steps towards actual solutions we can develop together.
Other meetings will follow in other European cities through the year (eg. Brussels, Paris, De Haag). We hope to be able to present a Digital Climate Agreement (DCA) at Transmediale 2020 that is more viable than the Paris COP21 climate agreement.

To develop the DCA, people with expertise in the relevant topics are explicitly invited to join the discussion. We specifically urge influencers and people in the top of social, cultural, political and technological organisations and companies (small organisations and companies included) to take part. The intention is for the alliance behind the DCA meetings to grow and for possible smaller collaborations and alliances to be formed.

The Digital Climate Agreement is an idea proposed by iMAL (Brussels), developed in collaboration with critic Josephine Bosma, and the participation of: Cathleen Berger (Mozilla), Sarah Grant (Radical Networks), Dmytri Kleiner (Telekommunisten), Lieke Ploeger (Disruption Network Lab, Open Knowledge International), Gaby Wijers (LIMA).